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Second Year

Development Strategies

WP.6 – Practical piloting of ASPIRE Advanced Modules
The ASPIRE advanced modules were piloted during semester 1.

Dissemination Strategies

WP.12 – ASPIRE Online Platform
An ASPIRE online platform was created for the project as an important and ongoing communication hub and as a tool for sustainability and dissemination of project outcomes. The process of development of the platform began during the first year and was implemented during the second year.
WP.8 – Hearts and Minds
A "Hearts and Minds" Mass Media Campaign which was created and implemented by the Armenian and Georgian "Action Groups" was realised. The National Awareness Day was established. The campaign began during the second year and continued during the third year of the project.
WP.9 – Models and Training Method Dissemination to Key Stakeholders
The European partners of the project provided dissemination of the models and the training methods to the Armenian and Georgian Partner country institutions and also to the non direct beneficiaries of the project in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. This work package began during the second year and ended on the third month of the third year.

Quality Assurance Strategies

NOTE: To ensure success additional QA Training on best practice carried out with EU permission at EHU, UK.

WP.5 – Evaluation Pilot 1
Colleagues from all target partners conducted an evaluation of the piloted ASPIRE modules using participant questionnaires and ECTS evaluation procedures including TUNING.
WP.7 – Evaluation of Pilot of ASPIRE modules
Quality control/monitoring and evaluation enhanced mutual understanding of the ASPIRE Introductory and Advanced Modules and resulted in an innovative training approaches that are adaptable across social / political contexts.
WP.13 – Quality Assurance Reports
QA reports were provided during the whole program.

Management Strategies

WP.17 – Intermediate Management Meeting
The intermediate management meeting was held at The Pyramid Group, Dresden, Germany.
WP.15 – Project Coordination Evaluation Reports
Annual reports based on day-to-day coordination of the project activities by the grant holder and all partners.