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First Year

Development Strategies

The ASPIRE project was implemented through a Workpackage structure where certain tasks and duties were assigned to partners in order to achieve project objectives as follows:

WP.1 – English for Specific Purposes (Special Needs and Disability)
Training for all target groups (Teacher Trainer &Lecturer Educators, Public Administration Educators, NGO Educators).
WP.2 – Preparation of ECTS Module Training Program using EU TUNING Method
The following courses were developed and elaborated in the framework of the ASPIRE program:
  1. Special needs introductory (practical) modules:
    • Module 1 – English for Specific Purposes (Special Needs and Disability)
    • Module 2 – Marketing – Creating Awareness Campaign Strategies
    • Module 3 – Use the Library!
    • Module 4 – Access Liaison Officer Trainee Program Module.
  2. Special needs advanced modules
    • Module 5 – Meeting Needs – Cognition and Learning
    • Module 6 – Meeting Needs – Communication and Interaction
    • Module 7 – Meeting Needs – Physical and Sensory Needs
    • Module 8 – Meeting Needs – Social, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties
WP.3 – ASPIRE curriculum training for PC institutions
A representative from each Armenian and Georgian Partner Country institution in the project attended a 3-week training program on the ASPIRE curriculum delivered by EU partners (1 week in LIT and 2 weeks in EHU).
WP.4 – Pilot 1 of ASPIRE curriculum
The ASPIRE Introductory Modules were piloted during semester 1.


WP.12 – ASPIRE Online Platform
An ASPIRE online platform was created for the project as an important and ongoing communication hub and as a tool for sustainability and dissemination of project outcomes. The process of development of the platform began during the first year and was implemented during the second year.

Quality Assurance Strategies

Action Group and Access Liaison Officer Strategic Review and Integration Process of National Students Union Participation.
WP.13 – Quality Assurance (QA) Reports
QA reports were provided during the whole program.

Management Strategies

WP.16 – Project Commencement (kick-off) Meeting
The kick-off meeting was held at Technical University of Košice, Slovakia. All necessary contractual documents within the Consortium (i.e. financial interconsortium agreements) were signed during this event.
WP.15 – Project Coordination Evaluation Reports
Annual reports based on day-to-day coordination of the project activities by the grant holder and all partners.