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Dissemination Romania

Dissemination of ASPIRE at the International Conference DIMENSIONS ENGAGED IN SPECAL EDACATION (NEEDS), 16 May 2015 Aula of Transylvania University, Brasov, Romania

The Pyramid Group financed the dissemination activity of ASPIRE at the International Conference DIMENSIONS ENGAGED IN SPECAL EDUCATION (NEEDS) which took place on 16 May 2015 in Brasov, Aula of Transylvania University, Romania

The organizers of this scientific event were Transilvania University of Brasov, the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education and Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Faculty Science of Education, Psychology and Social Assistance.

The goal of this conference was to address individuals and especially children with special needs by scientific contribution of experts from various fields such as educational science, health and applied psychology.

The sections of the conference were created to facilitate the presentation of specialized work in various areas that would have relevance, ensure productive debate as well as facilitate the opportunity for professionals with transdisciplinary interests to interact

The Pyramid Group introduced the ASPIRE project and answered questions from university partners from Romania, the USA, the UK, Italy and the Czech Republic.

This activity is an extra dimension to the already substantial international dissemination activities undertaken.

Paul East


The Pyramid Group, Ulm, Germany