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Principal Outcomes

Principal outcomes and outputs are:

The Quality Plan aspects focus on monitoring and evaluation of the 8 module Curricula, and of both the dissemination/sustainability friendly “Action Group”. The Action Group will create the 10 year National Awareness Day in both countries and the “Access Liaison Officer” who will play an important role in each tertiary organization by helping students with special needs issues.

ASPIRE also emphasizes the role of Strategic Review in project implementation and the Integration Process of National Students Union Participation. This is all overseen by a total quality management via project structures, meetings and daily project management.

An 8 module training program has been constructed consisting of special needs introductory (practical) modules and special needs advanced modules. These modules will be embedded in curricula of universities, public administration institutes and in special needs NGOs to ensure maximum transfer effect to society at large.

The Access Liaison Officer role will be developed and established at each institution to promote disability access.

A National Special Needs Awareness Day mass media campaign will be established by the national strategic Action Groups comprised of universities, public administration institutes, Ministries and NGOs who will create the 10 year National Awareness Day to take place annually in both Armenia and Georgia.

The duration of the ASPIRE program is 3 years. The project commenced in October 2012 and is due to end in September of 2015.